NECC Sunday June 28

The Morning Session was with Knowledge Works foundation who shared their future of education roadmap to the year 2020. This is definitely worth the time to visit and very provocative stuff. Essentially, we explored each of their six forces that they see pushing education in either a positive or negative direction. For each one of these, we had a chance to stop and reflect about the implications as well as examples of these. You can look at my notes or go to their website to get more detail, but the six forces are altered bodies, amplified organizations, platform for resilience, new civil discourse, maker economy, pattern recognition

they have lots of resources on their website that links to examples of this

the afternoon session was a meeting of the special interest groups on technology coordinators sponsored by ISTE. the session was led by Max Frazier who started by talking about the role of the technology coordinator and the challenges it presents.

His slides are posted in my repository as well as my notes. A couple of key things that came out of the session, there is a desire for the group to continue this conversation beyond this meeting today, there’s a recognition that the current economy will cause all of us to rethink some of our core assumptions about providing technology service and campus, and there was a sense of lack of control over budget and policy Center off dictated by other areas of campus — school boards, principals, public initiatives.

my document repository here

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